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Ellis Bridals Wedding Gowns: This is a family firm that goes back generations but Ellis Bridals designer wedding dresses cater to the modern demand for its unique mix of heritage and city-chic style. Since its launch in 1912, the London-based design house has become a household name for designer bridal wear. Although Ellis Bridals is the epitome of British contemporary bridal wear with an unparalleled understanding of fabrics and design, the appeal of its designer wedding dresses stretches across the whole world.

Ellis Bridals began life in London as a wedding dress house creating bespoke bridal gowns for the aristocracy.

Demand for Ellis wedding dresses grew, and the firm opened its first showroom in the 1960s with a display of Ellis Bridal wedding dresses that built on the company's long heritage and rich legacy.

The blend of culture, craft skills and stylish chic has turned this family business into an intercontinental bridal wear brand.

Rooted in a timeless tradition, Ellis Bridal wedding dresses are a perfect blend of classic and modern. The winning wedding dress designer styles of yesterday are updated with every new season and the launch of the latest collections are eagerly anticipated events.

Ellis Bridals wedding dresses are stocked by a handpicked selection of stores around the world. Ellis Bridal wedding gowns are showcased in around 250 bridal boutiques and set the modern standard for design and quality in bridal wear in the UK, Europe and across the USA

With its distinctive British look, Ellis Bridals has become internationally respected wedding dress brand that not only builds on heritage but continually sets the trend for innovation.

The hand crafted approach to design makes each Ellis Bridal wedding dress feel unique to each wearer.

The meticulous attention to detail at all stages of wedding dress design and with hand stitching and hand beading built into the creative process it is no wonder that every bride wearing an Ellis Bridal wedding dress will feel like someone special.


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